XQ-RS480 is a robotic servo Programmable Servo; The torque is 90kg.cm. The running degree is 360°; It is suitable for robots and industrial applications.
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XQ-RS480 is a robot servo developed and produced as a set of motor, servo drives, and modbus communication interface in an integrated servo unit. It’s mainly used for robot joints, wheel drives or mechanical arms, and also other situations that need precise position control. The product features are as follows:

 Large Torque:  90kgf·cm (12.0V)

 High Voltage supply DC  9.0V ~ 12.0V

 High Resolution: 0.15°

 Unique connection methodsuitable for a variety of combination assembled.

 High-precision full metal gearsdouble balls bearing

 Full metal caseoutstanding heat dissipation

 Rotation range 0~360°in servo mode

 Can be set as motor mode, rotating continuously

 Modbus connectioncan be cascaded to 254 units in theory

 Communication speed: 38400bps-1Mbps

 With positiontemperaturespeedvoltageand other feedbacks.

Structure & Size (mm)

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